Blue Armor-Dilloz Extreme – Scooter Tyre Sealant


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Made in the USA and bottled at our headquarters in Miami, Florida!

Armor-Dilloz Blue tire sealant is our most advanced product.  Offering incredible protection, just like you have come to expect from our Armor-Dilloz Red, Armor-Dilloz Blue has a flow rate that can keep up with even the fastest scooters.  Designed with extra-long fiber kevlar to work better for innertubes, this is the product made for high speeds while protecting the delicate tires that are common on scooters.  Armor-Dilloz Blue is the product to use when speed and performance counts!

Blue ‘Dillo includes extra ballistic fibers, including a high load of long fibers, high-tech suspension agents, variable particle size fillers, and corrosion inhibitors to protect your tires and wheels.  Suitable for any e-device that goes up to 50 MPH, but specialized for e-scooters.  Owners of e-devices that do not exceed 30 MPH should consider Armor-Dilloz Red sealant, as it is optimized for lower speeds and will provide superior protection in these tires.

  • Rapidly seals large punctures
  • Rapidly seals slow leaks (leaks due to the tire’s natural porosity, around the valve stem, etc.)
  • Single treatment generally lasts the life of the tire
  • Resists separating into a watery mess
  • Water washable
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Tires can still be repaired
  • Freeze protected
  • Does not react with or damage tires
  • Does not react with or damage steel or aluminum wheels
  • Seals ~95% of punctures in the tread area of most tires
  • Seals ~70% of tread area punctures on tires with inner tubes
  • Even seals sidewall punctures

Failures on tube seams, as well as cuts/tears of the tube are often not sealable by any sealant including ours.  A patch kit is recommended for these cases.


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